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Open the Schools: A Series

By Paul Stukel

If there were any doubt in anyone’s mind who the public education monopoly is designed for, the education establishment’s response to the COVID pandemic should erase it.  Public school systems are designed for, maintained for and dominated by the teachers unions.  The children are bit players in this sordid little drama.

It would be farcical if it weren’t so depressingly real.  This week the Biden administration has blazed new trails in fatuity, giving birth to a paradoxical new additional to our political lexicon: “grovelling chutzpah.”

For months now, the scientific evidence reflecting the experiences of K-12 schools worldwide has been abundantly clear.  Schools can be opened safely.  There is zero ambiguity about the data, and the amount of data is copious. What has also been made abundantly clear is the extreme damage to children occasioned by the lack of in-person teaching – from stunted development to mental illness to alarming increases in child and teen suicide. 

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