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None of which are exactly setting the world on fire, so let’s get right to that vast disappointment.

By Jeff Ward

Who NOT to vote for D303 School Board

In one of the worst cases of political tone deafness I’ve evert seen, the St. Charles, Illinois, teachers union, better known as the St. Charles Education Association, proudly released their list of endorsed school board candidates.

So, let me get this straight. At a time when teachers and teachers unions are utterly ignoring the COVID science, foisting futile remote learning on a generation who will never recover, ignoring a spike in teen suicides and a juvenile mental health issue epidemic, and generally proving it has absolutely nothing to do with the children, the union still somehow believes their endorsements will actually help, and not hurt, these candidates.

Not to mentions that, given the vast conflict of interest involved, teachers unions should stay out of school board elections completely.

Well…maybe those endorsements are helpful after all, because if you want your children back in school anytime soon, here’s who you should avoid voting for: Read More